Wednesday, 13 May 2009

People and faces

A fortnight ago my wife told me we need a break. So we took off for a long weekend in Périgord, just 2 1/2 hours' drive from here.

Instead of making photos as I did during all my life, I am trying to get the same thing done per video. Life is movement - at least for most of us - and thus a photo is something artificial, same as those black and white pictures made 25 years ago.

It must be said however, making a good video is darn difficult. So, please, look at this with leniency.

The part of the young woman sitting in the grass smoking and reading near her little dog is endearing though. And near the end, there is that Arab woman who looks quite forlorn, somehow lost in a strange country. The little beautiful girl munching a sandwich. At the end yours truly.

My camera has an optical zoom of 12 and a digital zoom of 48. That is a lot and I can look at people without being seen. I don't bother them and they don't bother me. I am not a peeping Tom, kind of voyeur. It's just I like to see people go through their everyday life. So there is nothing special here, just life. Your life, my life.


  1. Do you wonder what it says about you? the faces that you chose to focus on? The things that people are doing that fascinate you? No one on bikes, no lovers holding hands, no children running or playing.
    Just the faces of people, eating, smoking , sitting.
    Very interesting to see what it is that catches your attention Georg.
    Very interesting indeed.

  2. Yes, I agree with Sorrow, Georg. The part I liked best was that cute puppy playing with the girl.

  3. Hallo Sorrow and Vinod,

    You are absolutely right. Choice matters and it says something. I never thought about that.

    However, there is a however. Being a tourist and just walking around where the grockels normally go, the subjects are unfortunately limited. For instance, in the end, I met the little girl eating a sandwich but children on a playground, I did not saw them.

    But that does not invalidate your remark.


  4. Look at the world through George's eyes, :d, Thanks for sharing..Cheers

  5. Hallo Georg,
    Cool clip! It's like being there and just hanging out with you for a while rather than traveling or touring the place. I love it! After all, when you move to another place, what you miss about home is the little simple things you used to see all the time but never thought much about rather than the beautiful landmarks and stuff.

    Thanks a bunch for a window into your world! :o)


  6. Tu es dans mon pays natal là!!!
    bonne fin de journée

  7. Pour Viviane :

    Nous étions a Cahors, Puy L'Evèque et à Figeac lors du retour.

    Mais lequel est donc ton pays où tu es née? (Où tu as nataté?)

    T'a reconnu la ville rien qu'en regardant?

    Bisous miauleurs

  8. You're amazing, especially how you took that photo of yourself at the end with no hands!

    I also like simply listening to the sounds around me when I'm doing this.

    My camera isn't as good as yours though, it's a toy in comparison
    ; )


  9. Hallo Coffee,

    Thanks for passing by. The photo of myself is far from being a miracle. I did this with the hands of my wife. Ha, ha, ha.

    As to my camera, it is a Canon Power Shot S3 IS. I bought it at eBay in HongKong for about 300 Euro or about 450 Dollar. Much money but there are far more expensive ones. However, it is one of the very few equipped with a mobile monitor.


  10. Hi Georg, I meant to do my reading of your blog posts in the order in which you posted them, but it looks like I'm scrolling DOWN, which means I'm reading these in reverse-order.No matter.
    This is SPLENDID! I feel like I am visiting with you. Having a bit of chevre' at the market. This really, really, makes me miss France. Which town(village?) is this?
    Very very lovely!--especially the young lady with the puppy, and the young girl at end. Thank you, and more films, please. More. Peace to you and your wife.