Wednesday, 20 May 2009


This is truly "le joli mois de Mai", everything is so colorful, especially here in the countryside.

This post has two aims. First, I would like to pay a little homage to two bloggers, Berenice and Betmo, who published beautiful pictures of flowers and nature in general. So this video is dedicated to both of them.

Like everybody, or nearly, I like very different kinds of music. But very much on top is the wonderful warm and clear voice of Lucia Popp. She was above all an accomplished and beautiful opera singer. But I have also recordings of children's songs and operetta arias. Here is her photo

The song on the video is "Du mein Schönbrunn". A very melodious, beautiful but nostalgic aria about Empress Maria-Theresia's love for the castle and garden of Schönbrunn. Here are two photos of the place.

Don't miss to pay a visit to Castle Schönbrunn when in Vienna/Austria. That's Old Europe.


  1. Very very well done, Georgy! :o) If there ever was a voice that could make those beautiful flowers leap out from the screen and make one feels like one can drop to the floor at the end of the clip and land on your green lawn being surrounded by those blooms, it belonged to Lucia Popp!

    I'd love to see the Castle Schönbrunn one day indeed, though your garden more than makes up for it. Thanks a bunch for sharing it with us! :o)


  2. Hallo Smorgy,

    Back from a family meeting this Sunday evening. Thanks for visiting. I hoped you might like this.


  3. hallo Georg and herr Smorg!

    i hope you had a wonderful weekend, San Diego is treating mister Smorg and myself to a wonderful weather, hard to come into work today ;)

    and here herr Georg, one of my favorite pictures of flower I've taken sharing with both of you...

    these amazing orange flowers are from outside the office, this is from a prior year and shot with an old fashioned film camera, hope you enjoy and thank YOU for your kind words herr Georg

  4. I hope you don't mind, I linked to you through the blog of 'Id it is'.

    I'm so glad that I did, you have a lovely blog.

  5. Thanks both of you - B and Ex - for commenting.

    To Berenice
    Kind words all around. I looked at those red flowers. That's tropical. Or as they say over here: more red, you are dead. Red is my preferred color and thus my car has the color of those splendid blooms. Great photo, Berenice.

    To Exseno
    Thanks for visiting. Why should I mind, it's a honor and a pleasure.


  6. herr Georg
    even redder can be possible in San Diego, here another flower that i actually named ROT, you'll see why

    now, that's as red as your car heh heh

  7. Just wanna say hi! I am born in May and this is really my favorite month!And I hope someday I will visite the castle Schönbrunn, I am shure I would love it...Have a great day! Sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

  8. Großartiger Georg, der großartig ist. Ich habe (zu schnell mangels Zeit Wetter) gern besucht den Park schönbrunn. Wie gehe du?? Bringe Nouvellen und fasst Elisabeth um.

  9. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures! Though austere in its architecture both exude a serenity that is very pleasing. I will definitely make it a point to see these castles when I'm in that part of the world.

  10. To Geisslein
    Happy birthday, Geißlein! As to Schönbrunn, that goes for me, too. Have never been there. One of these days, L'll go to Vienna, Sachertorte, Schönbrunn, Prater.

    Pour Vincent
    Eh bien, mon ami. Pas mal du tout, ton Allemand. Et toi, tu connais ce château. Je t'envie pour ça. Faudrait qu'on en parle à la toute prochaine occase.

    For Id
    You are absolutely right, austere architecture. I was searching the Internet for quite a while in order to find something more compatible with the music. Finally I settled with this one showing the tulips in front.

    What disappoints me a bit is that absolutely non one - exception for Smorgy and he is an avowed opera lover - has something to say about the music.


  11. Ja!!! Natürlich!!!
    Mais tu sais que j'ai triché!
    biss dann!!

  12. @ Geisslein: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

    @Id It is: hello & an e-hug, lovely yourself! :)

    @herr Georg, i must confess that i checked this post and right now i am at work, where the youtube connections are blocked, so instead of a video or song i see a white square, ha! so i can't really listen to the music, just see the pictures :) so i can't comment on the music, once at home i've been too lazy to turn the compu on and listen, but if it's your selection, Herr Georg, and Smorgs likes it too, am sure it's a beautiful song, a blind comment if you know what a mean

  13. Hallo Berenice,

    Even a blind comment is better than no comment (Hindustani proverb).

    Anyway, YT is full of surprises. When I click on this song myself, it remains black for about a minute. Than it starts and I realize the video has been fully downloaded.

    As to the music and Smorg, I would not bet too much on this. He is a classical chap and addicted to bel canto.


  14. Quelle belle voix!!
    L'Autriche est un pays plein de surprises.
    Bonne soirée

  15. Yo Georg!!!
    comment vas tu?
    ça fait pas mal de temps qu'on s'est parlé!
    Tu fais quoi en ce moment?
    - les plantations sont finies,
    - les rosiers du cantal n'ont pas fini de fleurir,
    - les feuilles mortes ne se ramassent pas encore à la pelle
    - c'est pas encore le moment de couper du bois
    - y a pas encore de champignons,
    Que fais tu georg?
    donne vite des nouvelles
    embrasse Elisabeth
    A plus

  16. Georg--One day, I'll visit Austria--how incredibly lovely you have fleshed it out for me!!