Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sports journalists - masters of empty talk

As I said in my post about the Olympics, I finished to dislike those journalists who talk and talk and talk without saying anything worthwhile.

As I could not stop them I thought it might be fun to copy this stuff. Those comments I have captured were originally given in French or German. Here is the English translation. It's up to you to compare this to the homegrown verbiage in the English speaking countries.

- He is the first: mission accomplished

- He has hatred and rage: he must get a medal

- Damned: he has been denied a good starting gate

- That's the Dark Lord

- Our Rock and Roll skier

- He is the little nervous one

- Enormous, enormous, enormous

- I am struck with shock

- this is monstrous, monstrous. Monstrous I am saying

- Monstrous, he is skiing on the roof of the world

- the guy is an alien

- push the accelerator, damn it

- Yelling: enormous, immense, monstrous, a genious

- She took over the controls. (A little later): she has been disqualified

- one gold medal is not enough for her

- Let's concentrate on the competitors

- He has got a problem in his head

- She is flying away and the others remain nailed down.

- You made us dream

- The guy advances as if he had been stung by a scorpion

- He was completely flat

- She got gold, I cannot believe it

- And now, suddenly, she is back in business

- It had to be done, he looks disgusted, but it is good anyway

- The greatest skier on planet Earth

- The Italian curse continues now for 18 years

- They have a monstrous female squad

- She is 19th, well, we have to look how the others are doing

- The public is totally charmed


  1. hilarious herr Georg!
    love your collection of useless comments, and yep most of the commentators only ruin the moment with their comments, some of the facts they say are very helpful, but i agree that when they don't have something interesting to say, they should shut up!

  2. Tu as du en oublier quelques'uns Georg.
    Tu devrais parler de notre speaker, non!! De notre haut-parleur Nelson MONFORT qui pose des questions si longues que les sportifs s'en vont avant qu'il ait fini de les poser.

  3. Bonjour Vince,

    Non, non, Nelson M est dans cette liste. Mais je ne me rappelle plus ce qu'il a dit. Effectivement, ce type est un champion du creux.


  4. The only time I have the volume on during a sportscast is during soccer games; for all other events my TV is on mute.
    The commentators really undermine the intelligence of the audience with their banter!

  5. Just wanna wish you a great and happy day today, Georg! Sunny greetings from germany, geisslein!

  6. I read a post that is not here, now how is that possible? I want to read more about your 6 near misses...

  7. To Sorrow
    I made a wrong click. The near death experience is not yet finished.

    To Geisslein
    Gruss auch an Dich, liebes Geisslein. Aus dem ehemals sonnigen Cantal, nun stürmisch, regnerisch.

    To Id
    Great idea. Next time I'll do the same, put the TV on mute.