Sunday, 4 May 2008

Breakfast in the garden

This Saturday morning - 3rd May - is important. It was sufficiently warm and sunny to have our breakfast IN THE GARDEN. First time this year!

Weekend breakfast is always special. We load the table to capacity. That's what we had:

Croissants (four in all - two for each one) - plus baguette with sesame or poppy grains outside

Black Assam tea (for me with milk and a glass of orange or apple juice (I prefer the last)

Forest honey and Moor honey, both from nearby

Unsweetened almond paste and hazelnut paste (those two big jars) and Nutella

3 jams: cherry, cherry plum, quince.

Well, that's the breakfast. Let me stress this however: it's not French, it's not German, it's just ours.

My fellow blogger Bere in her blog A Chronology of Stupidity shows the photo of a very different kind of breakfast, US American style, I suppose. It is her post "time lost, weight gain", you have to scroll down a bit after landing there.

Here in France, most people have a very simple b. Black coffee, baguette, butter and some marmalade or jam. Frequently, the jam is skipped. So many different ways to start happily into a new day.


  1. breakfast american style ;) most of us skip breakfast altogether. some will grab a bagel or a fast food english muffin sandwich. sugary breakfast cereal is a favorite for the kids. i doubt many have the 'traditional' breakfast of eggs, meat- bacon, sausage or ham, toast with butter or jam and coffee. we are too busy, busy, busy. our breakfast is one on-the-go. to where? i haven't figured that out yet. nothing beats oatmeal though for carrying you through to lunch. but that's another post :)

  2. Hallo Betmo,

    Thanks for those details. I didn't imagine it so. Those down-to-earth things are mostly ignored.

    By the way, my father-in-law also gets out of the house without b. Bad habit. But when he comes here for a break, he hauls it in.


  3. roasted Eggplant + cabbage + quinoa = today's breakfast followed by coffee or tea. long story short - leftovers of last night.

  4. wow Georg, tolles Frühstück, sehr lecker!

    your breakfast in the garden looks delicious, and what a wonderful way to start the day... breakfast is indeed my favorite time of the day... too bad i have to work and run and be busy otherwise i would take a nice enjoyable breakfast every morning... and yes! the breakfast from the blog is actually a weekend breakfast Georg, as Betmo said, as most americans i don't have much time for a long breakfast during the week

    trying be healthier and mainly because of health issues, i have trained myself to not leave the house without breakfast, and also i must have a cup of fresh coffee before i leave the house, during the week, i either eat a slice of bread (baguette or a loaf of whole grain if i am lucky and have some left) or regular toast from sliced bread with either 1 boiled egg or toast with butter and jam... by the way those selections of jams of yours sound delicious!... sometimes i have a cup of yogurt too or a glass of milk... it is actually a sort of good breakfast, i think

    i used to make shakes of low fat natural yogurt with berries and a banana... and some bread, and well coffee... but lately i go for the toast is easier!

    and Georg and so nice you had croissants, my favorite pastry ever!! I could eat croissants all day with jam or cheese or turkey, with all and nothing... but they are not so good for you...

    ah also oatmeal with fruit is a really good breakfast, again i used to be less lazy... but if i have coffee and bread, i can survive!

    here some other breakfast ideas

  5. looks lovely...thats just look like my breakfast table and I live in America too.. :-)

  6. Hallo Frieda, Bere, Amrosh, Betmo,

    So many different ways to start into the day!

    The most exotic b. seems to be Anrosh's, half breakfast, half dinner.

    Betmo mentioned an "English muffin sandwich". I urgently need a photo because I know muffins from England and sandw. from everywhere but both rolled into one?????

    Bere: the low fat staff is a hit over here, too but I don't go for it. Don't know what they did to obtain low fat milk, yogurt, cheese
    etc. Might be better to gobble the original stuff but in less quantity.

    It seems the French are world champs in yogurt consumption.

    Sometimes I asked my wife to prepare an egg boiled or fried but she always said she could not stand the smell in the morning.

    Last not l: the farmers over here, let's say the older ones eat soup in the morning, plus some coffee.


  7. Georg, that clears up for me why danone group ! called dannon here!
    and Why the french are so lean - All that yogurt and fruit - the secret is out.

  8. Georg, more than the breakfast, I liked the idea of eating out in the garden. That is the one luxury that one cannot enjoy in a city. That is one reason why I hope to have another nice house, hopefully in the foothills of the Himalayas somewhere.

  9. For Anrosh: not all French are lean, as we imitate the US in many subjects, the number of overweight Frenchies is skyrocketing.

    For Vinod: I hope you can achieve this and have a second house up North, like Simla. Or stay there forever and have some vacations in Delhi, from time to time.


  10. Ja super, so ein Sonntagsfrühstück! Das können wir nur auf unserer Veranda, denn die Morgentemperaturen sind bei uns ca. 7 ° C!

    Liebe Grüße aus Österreich

    Der wissenschaftliche Name des Rüsselkäfers ist lt. Wikipedia

  11. What time can I come over? ; )