Saturday, 3 November 2007


This goes on for months and months. Nearly every day we are being told by our faithful media how big efforts are being deployed to prevent the Mullah regime in Iran to develop the Atom Bomb. This big mushroom explosive that could terminate human species.

The Americans talk to the British who talk to the Chinese who consult the Russians who speak to the French and they are all of the same opinion: the Iranians should not be allowed to develop the Atom Bomb. No Sir. Far too dangerous, they could use it. Or better, it is even sure they would use the Atom Bomb. Because those Iranians they are not such good and honorable people as we are, they are not feeling so responsible as we do!

It's such a pleasure to hear from all these responsible nations and people how hard they are working to prevent humanity to destroy itself via the Iranians.

However, all these months I am waiting to hear from one of those humanitarians this: in order to give an example, we are destroying our own Atom Bombs stockpiled at home.


  1. After reading lately about the people in Georgia, makes me wonder why we here in the US are afraid to step out and demand the same of our elected officials?

    They are not doing anything here, except for the allusions you bring up, and many, many more.

    It's true, history repeats, and lets hope we in the US can do something before our cowboy blows the world apart by his ownself! ; (

  2. Yes, Coffee, you are right, as, always.

    Cheers to you,

  3. It is the same old story every time. When you have something really big, which others don't,you want to ensure that the equation stays that way. Rest is all semantics!

    But to give the devil his due, it must be admitted that the real worry is that from Iran these WMDs will land up in the hands of terrorist groups, a possibility none of us wants to even imagine.

  4. Hey Vinod,

    You are certainly right regarding point one of your comment.

    As to WMD's and the terrorists, I am not so convinced. Regarding Iran, that's a healthy thriving dictatorship, not very much moves there without the authorities knowing about it. No, if there is any danger it might come from a tottering atomic power, a country like Pakistan and their stone age western provinces. And these people have the bomb already. But strangely enough nobody is very much worried about it.

    So all this fuss is about something else that is not being mentioned aloud. My guess is spoken out it would sound like "gimme your oil, I need it."

    What about that one??


  5. Who used the atom bomb first ? Don't you think they will use it again? They are the scariest.

  6. Hi Georg
    How are youuuu
    It's a lonnnnnng time I haven't had enough time to read your weblog ... now I just had time to read some entries which I hadn't read ... what you'd written in your previous entry about optimism was soooo interesting, this is something I always think about ... I think one should be first realistic, I mean they should be able to see what is really going on -whether good or bad- and then they should be optimist, that is they should wish & hope for the good things to happen ...
    By the way, I'm so sorry about delay in replying to your email, I'll send you an email soon ...

  7. No problem, Chacky, whenever you feel like it.


  8. Hi Georg,

    Sorry for this delay...I will now activate follow up comments on email.

    People are worried like hell about WMDs of Pakistan falling into wrong hands, though I suspect that the Americans have managed to ensure some credible control over them. To my mind, we are lucky that Laden did 9/11 before he had some atomic bombs in his basement. Perhaps he did not expect the response that the US unleashed. Had he waited longer and demonstrated possession of WMDs without exploding them, imagine what would have happened by now.

    Iran getting into the act too is dangerous. It is a religious dictatorship bordering on the extreme. It is also the only large Islamic nation totally beyond the influence and control of the US. And is likely to stay that way.

    Of course, oil is behind it all. Had these countries been in some forgotten and economically insignificant part of, say, Africa, no one would have given them a second thought.

    Now it is like having someone sitting on the barrel of oil you desperately need, with a match box in his hand!

  9. Hi Georg,
    you put your finger on it. the point is that those who already have atomic bomb would never give it up because they don't trust other nations to give up after. everyone are like, you do it first, no you do it first. I think if one day one of these countries announce that we are going to destroy our atomic bomb they difinetaly replce it with more hidouse bomb.

  10. For Hiva,

    Thank you for commenting. Yes, you are right, interesting times ahead.