Thursday, 16 August 2007


There seems to be a Russian proverb that runs like this:

"Ignore the past and you will loose an eye. Dwell on the past and you will loose both of them".

Well, I like that one. I have been fascinated by history all my life, even as a little boy. In school, we had a history book for each year and I have been reading it all through in the very first months.

Regarding history, there is another proverb I highly appreciate: "The nations and its people who ignore their own history are condemned to repeat it again and again".

As to the present, those gruesome and stupid wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan might have been avoided by simply looking at precedents, similar cases that happened in the past and its outcome. This has not been done and now we have opened Pandora's box and it will take dozens of years to get it closed again.


  1. A great quote from a great book . . .

    We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it . . .

  2. "...repeat it again and again."

    What makes this worse, is that with time, smaller weapons can kill bigger numbers from further away.

    Long time ago, soldiers used to fight their battles one to one. Each man, I mean each killer, would smell the blood he'd shed and witness the life he'd taken. Now, one monkey in a bussiness suit can take away the lives of thousands of innocent men and women far far away, with a push of a button. Just like that. Clean as a whistle.

  3. There was no pandora's box either. As the girl on the run above says, the monkey in the business suit is just like any other psychic personality with a mental disorder for mass murder. I hope He doesn't trace me and torture me in some faraway island.

    I think I will be safe to write myself as Anonymous. I want to get killed in his hands. He has already done serious damage to my life. I don't want a second attempt now

  4. sorry, the second sentence in the second para should read, " I DO NOT want to get killed in his hands" instead of what is written above.

  5. haha that was so cute! was that a Freudian slip?

  6. I love reading history too..I just starting reading about 500 years of Western cultural history by a French-American writer; Jacque Barzun. Have you read his writing? I am enjoying it so far.