Thursday, 31 May 2007


Among those scientists dabbling in the global warming field, at least one was interested in the heating effect of those vapor trails made by airplanes high up. The big problem was that those trails were there every day, thus it was impossible to make a comparison between a sky with them and a sky without them.

Then happened September 11, 2001. During three days all commercial air traffic was shut down as the consequence of Al Qaida's attack on the Twin Towers in New York.

Three days without those contrails in the sky and our scientist went busy checking the daily temperature all over the USA and comparing them with normal days.

The result was truly appalling. No vapor trails for three days and the average diurnal temp went up 1°C. For a meteorologist that is a huge difference.

As always in science and elsewhere: you find something new and all those other ones who "know" told him that he had a bee in his bonnet. But the finding was made and confirmed by observations measuring the sun light hitting the earth's surface. Yes, there was a clear drop between the sixties and now.

A new word was coined: global dimming.

The meaning of all this is only too clear. Global warming due to pollution would be much higher down here if we hadn't had the good idea to increase at the same time, by other pollutants, the clouds sailing overhead. In other words: clear skies, less global dimming, and whamm, our temp down here goes up.

If we don't do something radical, and do it fast, to decrease global warming, our good old planet might be doomed. Not for the insects and for the deep sea fish, but most certainly for us. We have to decrease first the warming effect and then, a little later, the global dimming. Otherwise, it appears, we might reach temperatures here on earth we did not have for some billion years.

Let's hope our dear leaders do something about it NOW and not only when the first refugees from the flooded coastal areas stream inland to find a dry spot.

Interesting times ahead.


  1. Greetings from across the ocean and Thanks for your comment! ; )

    Unfortunately, although it seems likely a majority of people understand the problems facing us, and since our leadership does nothing concrete but throw rhetoric to the wind, not many seem interested in making the effort to change old, nasty habits, starting years and years ago.

    Let's hope we all wake up soon, as it'll be later generations that will deal with our neglect today!
    : (

  2. The fact that you have mentioned regarding global dimming is reallyyyyyy true ... I hadn't thought about it before & I don't know what the solution can be ... maybe to decrease & to change the system of the fuel of the aircraft ...

  3. Hi Chackavak, hallo everybody,

    If something radical is not done within the next 20 years, the following seems possible:
    - the Amazonas basin drying out and becoming a savanna.
    - sandstorms in Western Europe
    - Water level going 7 meters up
    - presenty hot regions becoming so hot it will be impossible to live there.

    All this sounds incredible but there are numerous scientists who foresee right that.


  4. Hallo Georg,

    Just letting you know that I've moved domains and the new address for my blog is:


  5. c'etait vraiment amusant de le savoir!! Global warming due to its vast effects on our everyday lives and survival on the whole is among our major concerns. Such facts are very pleasent to know.

    P.S: an interesting blog.

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  7. Globing warming will not reduce until Lifestyles change. Who is kidding here? Lets draw an analogy here. People have raised millions in the name of breast cancer, but when a woman who does not have health insurance to go for treatment nobody gives her help. That's exactly the same with global warming. People want to have their A/C's to beat the heat. Where did the fan go? Close the windows with huge curtains. Grow trees around your houses. Reduce your closet size. Stop exploiting the people of developing nations by scummibing them to poor labor conditions while huge discount sales hit the US and people are filling up their closets.
    The people who profess global warming have 10 houses, hop around on planes, consume to no end, have 10 cars, when a village of 1000 people in a developing country will not use their resources.

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