Saturday, 21 April 2007

Look who has come to live with us

Yesterday we came back from a short paragliding holiday at the Atlantic coast (Dune du Pyla) and today, what do I see? A turteldove right in front of our terrace, sitting on a branch of the Japanese Sherry tree in full bloom. And then I see Ms. Turteldove busy working on a nest. And all that not three meters from where I am standing!

Behind the house is a giant Atlantic cedar and I always thought our couple of turtledoves would dwell there, high up somewhere at a top branch. Could be, however, that this couple is a new one. I know those birds for years though they come and go without clear pattern. They disappear in Summer for some weeks, I think.

For those who are interested in photography: I simply took my binoculars, put them on a chair and held the numerical camera - zoom out - against it. In order to obtain some sharpness, I turned the middle wheel of the binoculars.

Our two cats are prowling around, on the ground. But they are lazy, don't climb trees, both have have specialized on mice. Let's hope the birds know what they are doing. Once my wife saw our lady cat jump more than one meter in the air in order to catch a bat whizzing by.


  1. Very nice and especially like the Village! ; )

  2. Sounds like Nature is mirroring the human world! I'm betting those turtledoves wouldn't be coupling/nesting so close to you and your wife if you weren't paragliders!

    P.S. Thank you for the photography tip -- very clever :)

  3. Lovely photo ... I hope the cats won't hurt it ... So you went on your trip ... How was paragliding, by the way? I 'm going to send you an email soon ...

  4. Thanks for the recording of the bells! As it so happens, we were actually inthe Berkeley Tower when the bells rang. It was beautiful!