Tuesday, 10 April 2007


  1. Hi Georg,
    I like your photos of flowers! Plants are one of my favorite things to photograph!

    Thanks for stopping by! That was just the way the waterfall was. The only adjustment I made to the photo was in brightness and contrast!

  2. Interesting blog and like the photos too.

  3. Dear georg
    The flower is beautifulllll & about your previous entry- Egypt:
    I haven't been to Egypt, but I know about it's great culture & civilization, like our country Iran, which has a great civilazation & culture, but unfortunately it's become as it is now !!!!
    I also always think why it's been so, why these countries in the east have become like this !
    Who have to be blamed ? I think the people, the governments, the educational systems, and also imperialism ... and maybe lots of other things ...

  4. Hi Chacky,

    Thanks for looking. As to the disappearance of the Egyptian civilization, I do not know why this happened. But I have some ideas (that may be wrong).

    Egypt was conquered 600 BC by the Persians but this happened as far as I know without destroying their culture. 300 years later Alexander the Great got the place, followed by the Roman Empire. Still, Egypt remained Egypt.

    But 200 or 300 years later the country converted to Christianity and that stopped everything. Many times, I saw ancient pictures scratched away and I frequently heard "this was done by the Koptes, the early Christians". And some 200 year later the Arabs invaded Egypt and a second conversion took place.
    That gave them the rest, I suppose.
    The great library of Alexandria was stripped of all its books in order to heat the sultan's bath.....