Saturday, 24 March 2007

Politics seen from high up

Here in France, we have a Presidential election next month. At this occasion, all candidates tell us how they will be able to wash us in depth without making us wet. A real pleasure. One thing is sure, starting from next month, we all will be more affluent, richer, especially the poor and the jobless.

Some years ago, elected politicians told us that everybody will be richer by working less. And it was done, we worked less, no more than 35 hours and as a result some of us became richer in free time. Meaning they lost their job.

Presently, the same people explain us that those who still work too long hours should stop this nonsens and get relaxed. Work 35 hours per week and be happy like all those civil servants who do this already (coffee break, included) .

1 comment:

  1. You have mentioned you still have economical & esp. unemployment problems, I hope by this election these problems will be solved ... In Iran the civil servants work about at least 35 hours a week & most of them who work in private companies & offices work more ...
    Here, we also work 6 days a week & not five days a week, we have one day holiday in a week, just Fridays ! So I think here is worse than there !